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What We Do

Although no two clients are the same, we apply the same rigorous and thorough approach to helping them put their affairs in order.

When engaging with a new client, the first and most important step is for us to gain a thorough understanding of their current position and very importantly, their long term objectives.  We would never wish to take shortcuts and for this reason the initial consultation is offered at our expense.

The second step is for us to build on our understanding of the current position and this will involve a detailed examination of all existing investments and pensions and also a review of Wills and any Trusts.  At this point, we will often contact the client's solicitor and accountant to ensure that we have a complete understanding of their personal tax and estate planning position.

When we have a complete understanding of the current position, we will discuss the ways in which the existing arrangements can be made more efficient and we will discuss an effective plan to achieve the clients' personal objectives.

Once an individual plan has been agreed, we will implement it and agree how frequently we will meet to review the client's affairs and the performance of their investments.